Book list (147)

1 Chronicles (Basic English)

2 Chronicles (King James)

2 Chronicles (Basic English)

Ezra (King James)

Ezra (Basic English)

Nehemiah (King James)

Nehemiah (Basic English)

Esther (King James)

Esther (Basic English)

Job (King James)

Job (Basic English)

Psalms (King James)

Psalms (Basic English)

Proverbs (King James)

Proverbs (Basic English)

Ecclesiastes (King James)

Ecclesiastes (Basic English)

Song of Solomon (King James)

Song of Solomon (Basic English)

Isaiah (King James)

Isaiah (Basic English)

Jeremiah (King James)

Jeremiah (Basic English)

Lamentations (King James)

Lamentations (Basic English)

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